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Learning takes place everyday, in a series of incidental scenarios.  

Our goal at Sunflower Pre-kindergarten is to incorporate those moments

into intentional teachable opportunities; opportunities for exploration and discovery.  


Meet Your Teachers

Your child's first teacher is...YOU!  

Since you know your child best I will be relying on your expertise.  

Your partnership is crucial to your child's success.

Your child's second teacher is me, Ms. Jen.  

I am a teacher, certified in general and special education from birth through grade 6.  My passion is early childhood!

I will do my very best to spark your child's natural curiosity through engaging inquiries.

Your child's third teacher is the environment.  

This is an important component in your child's learning because it is often the catalyst for curiosity and incidental learning.  When your child is at Sunflower the environment inside the classroom, as well as the environment in our outdoor classroom, will be carefully curated to meet the needs and spark the interests of your child.  

"Sunflower Pre-k was one of the few good things to come out of 2020.  This school was the perfect option for my family for so many reasons, but Miss. Jen was by far the deciding factor.  She is experienced, nurturing, enthusiastic, a mother herself and loves her students as if they were her own.  She plans the most fun learning activities for them and offers endless possibilities for exiting learning experiences.  I would 100% recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a top notch option for their little one."
~ Jen, mom

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